During COVID-19 restrictions, we are happy to offer virtual appointments to protect the safety of our brides and staff to those who are unable to attend an appointment in person. This is an excellent way to proceed with your wedding plans from the comfort of your house. Whether you are in your in pajamas, have kids running around in the background, or a glass of wine in your hand (or all of the above in some cases), here at Chester & Felicity, we look forward to getting to know you while respecting social distancing and travel restrictions.


The bride will receive our Virtual Appointment Questionnaire so we can get to know you! Once your emailed response to the questionnaire is filled out, one of our Consultants will start working on a file for you. This includes what you like, what budget you're working with, it could even include any info you give us (ex: wedding colors, theme, etc). Your Consultant will reach out to you and set up a time that works best for both of you to have a virtual appointment. These can be done on Zoom, Face time, Facebook Messenger, whatever works for our brides!

The appointment will be scheduled for an hour, with the option of booking a second appointment if necessary. Your consultant will have picked out five gowns for you that reflect your virtual appointment questionnaire. The Consultant will go over each dress, highlighting it's features and answering any questions you may have. The best part? You can have your top two favorites sent directly to your house to try on!!!

Once the appointment has finished, your Consultant with will send you an email that includes the gown details. They will provide the designer, our stock number, and the prices of the dresses. If you wish to pursue your dress hunt further, more details will follow.


There are a  few quick questions that we would like answered before scheduling an appointment at your convenience. Please read the following questions and send us your answers to our email address:

Virtual Appointment Questionnaire

1)When are you getting married? We are happy to help all of our brides; however, brides who are getting married within a year will be given first priority.

2)What is your day to day size? Bridal sizing typically runs small so we like to get an idea of what size you typically wear which will help us select gowns. Please send your size in numerical form (ex: Size 6 versus Medium)

3)What is your gown budget? Our price range is typically between $1,500-4,000 for a new gown. To see what's available in your budget, you can shop our gowns by price range. We like to tell our brides this so they are not discouraged finding a great dress that may be out of their budget.

4)Where is your venue? This question may seem silly but knowing your venue paints a picture for your Consultants. Most brides like to have their gown co-ordinate with their location.

5) What are you looking for? What a loaded question! This is where we like to know if you have any requirements (ex: Church wedding so you prefer to have your arms covered) or non-negotiable parts of your gown. We have worked with numerous brides who come in saying "Absolutely no blush" or "I will not wear a ballgown", so it's those things we like to know about. Some examples of what you may be looking for could include: sleeve preference, color preference, silhouette, train, material, etc.

6) Pictures! Now that we have all gowns from our store online, please send at least 3 pictures of styles you like from our website. Feel free to also send pictures from Pinterest or other online sources.The pictures allow us to see the vision, piece together any common characteristics and hopefully find your dream dress!